Deshagaye “Desha Ravers” Davis wants nothing to do with her father, Beenie Man or his new girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson.

The Ravers Clavers member sent shock waves in the Dancehall fraternity last year when she dropped a bombshell about the the “King of Dancehall” needing to work on being a better man and a father.

“Mi just think him need fi step up him thing,” she said during a candid interview. “Him a mek whole heap a luu move suh him just need fi start be a man, a father and everything inna one now.”

“The person weh everybody know out a road a nuh the person weh me know. So everybody out a road can say weh dem waah fi say or criticize or anything weh dem waah do but yo see becuase me know weh me know mi no need fi say nothing to nobody him know weh him know to so all mi a fi say is just step up yo thing” she added.

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Well turns out Desha also isn’t here for the veteran Dancehall artiste dating Krystal Tomlinson.

Speaking on the Fiwi Choice Countdown show about Beenie Man snubbing his estranged wife D’Angel at her birthday bash earlier this month, Desha Ravers said the Doc. could’ve danced the the mother of his child.

She then used the opportunity to share that she doesn’t like Krystal. Watch below as she explains why.