Barbara and Pamputtae’s feud is far from over.

On Monday, the ‘Original Barbaee’ went on Instagram live and took aim at the Dancehall entertainer’s appearance. Barbara was talking about the reason for her not posting on social media when she said, “…from Pamputtae rob [mi], yuh nuh see how her eye fava salt mackerel.”

“Mi tell her seh if she get 40, she fi share it… mi fi get 20 and she get 20,” Barbara added.

Pamputtae Slams Dancehall Fans For Trolling Her Hairline

Barbara went viral on social media last June after the ‘Sticky Wine’ singer posted a video of her on Instagram. Weeks after getting her big break, the 46-year-old, mother of three axed Pamputtae claiming she was stealing her money.

The two haven’t spoken since but that’s not stopping Barbara form taking shots at Pamputtae. Watch video below.

Barbara taking shots at #Pamputtae 😫🙈

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