Prime Minister Andrew Holness says Jamaica is now officially not under threat from a Tsunami.

Holness made the statement on social media shortly after a warning was issued for the island along with Honduras,The Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Honduras, Cuba and Belize following a magnitude 7.6 earthquake that struck in the Caribbean Sea on Tuesday night.

Following a meeting with The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), Holness tweeted that, “current models suggest no imminent threat to Jamaica.”

Mayor of Kingston, Delroy William who initially issued an advisory on social media encouraging all persons in flood-prone and low lying areas echoed Holness’ final report, “based on the latest update, ODPEM would consider Jamaica “in the clear” and does not expect we will be affected by a Tsunami. We thank the ODPEM for their diligence,” he wrote.