Alkaline has sounded off yet another warning to his rivals with a brand new track “Deep Sleep.”

The Vendetta deejay has taken aim at his rivals and critics alike with the hard spitting new track, which is produced by Gego Don Records.

In the single the “Formula” deejay can be heard spitting “Gego the links big like the mafia weh them have a Russia, love me killer them all a me steppa them a crusher, Anyhow we see the target over deh so we a go fah.”

Did Alkaline Fall Off This Year? Here’s What Dancehall Fans Are Saying

According to sources, the song is a direct response to critics who have implied that the Vendetta deejay fell off this year.

Since its release on Friday the track has scored over 450,000 streams on YouTube, and has recieved mostly favorable responses from fans.

Listen to the track below.