Hotel employees found the body of a missing 19-year-old Chicago woman Sunday inside a suburban hotel’s freezer after she disappeared while partying with friends.

Kenneka Jenkins’ body was discovered more than 24 hours after she vanished from the party in a ninth-floor hotel room. She was reported missing Saturday afternoon.

According to reports, Kenneka was in the hotel room with her best friends and a group of unidentified males. Around 11:30pm the host of the party went live on Facebook. You could see a group of people in a hotel room together but Kenneka was nowhere to be found in the video.

Her friends told her mum that they had lost track of her and they left after they were unable to find her.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office says Jenkins was pronounced dead at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont. It says her cause of death is not yet confirmed although an autopsy has been completed.

The woman’s mother, Tereasa Martin, told the Chicago Tribune that police told her Jenkins apparently let herself into the freezer while drunk.

Martin said that if her daughter was drunk, she would have had difficulty opening the heavy freezer doors and would’ve realized she wasn’t entering an elevator or the hotel entrance.